Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Received at the Library

"Pre-vital records" is a new term to this writer, headlining the May-June 2017 issue of Your genealogy today.  The article points out the many possible sources for birth, death, marriage and divorce records beyond the obvious.  These records are the states' responsibility and many, especially in the South, did not get organized until the 20th century -- North Carolina is used as an example.   A thorough article on identifying waterways led me to the Geographic Names Information System, where I discovered that in addition to the one in Wellfleet that I live near, there are Blackfish Creeks in Tasmania, Ontario, and Kentucky (presumably the latter at least is not named for the small whales that occasionally come to Wellfleet).

Internet genealogy for Aug./Sept. 2017 leads off with an experienced genealogist's tips for taking advantage of free resources (think trial subscriptions or free but time-limited access to webinars at Legacy.com) and best research practices.  The Irish Newspaper Archive, a subscription database, is reviewed, as are a couple of tools for creating family histories.  Articles on state encyclopedias and on yearbooks expand on resources you might not have thought to explore.  A thorough review of online sources related to Freemasons explains the organization and history of this secretive but historically significant network.  As always, new databases and tools are briefly reviewed.

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