Saturday, July 22, 2017

Received at the Library

"Road trip for roadblocks" is the featured article in Your genealogy today for July/Aug. 2017.  The author suggests onsite visits to the local court house, registry office, cemetery, library and more to add depth to your knowledge of an ancestor.  An interesting account of an Irish immigrant who chose loyalty to the British crown and removed to Canada from South Carolina shows another side to the American revolution.  Other articles cover baby and funeral books, organizing DNA results, information found in lost & found ads, and tips for investigating black sheep in your family.  A poignant description of using information gleaned from genealogy research to stir memories in an Alzheimer's victim rounds out the issue.

Several articles in NGS magazine for April-June 2017 deal with World War I research.  Two of those articles deal with foreign populations: internment of enemy aliens, and treatment of "hyphenated Americans."  The latter is a new term to me, but references for example German-Americans, who were treated with hysteria on the homefront.  (My father was named Otto at birth in 1907, but it was dropped in favor of his middle name William due to anti-German sentiment during WWI.)  In addition, there is a cluster of religion-themed articles (using religious periodicals, Irish dissenting churches, and church-related organizations, like the Knights of Columbus).

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