Saturday, April 8, 2017

Received at the Library

Two articles in the NGS magazine for Jan.-March 2017 anticipate the annual conference of the National Genealogical Society, to be held in May in Raleigh NC.
  • Scots-Irish migration to the Colonial Carolinas
  • genealogy materials at Duke and UNC libraries
Another emphasis in this issue is church records.  An article on Quaker records gives strategies to overcome poor indexing in Ancestry.  Another elucidates Irish church registers, both Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland, plus there's a column about Roman Catholic records generally.  Yet another article shows the information to be gleaned from church records for the African-American community.  And lastly the Federal Records column deals with religion-related federal records.

Your genealogy today (March/April 2017) takes us to Tahiti for South Seas research.  If you have ancestors who succumbed to tuberculosis, you will want to check out "Family in the time of plague," an interesting account of a young man's death in 1917. Robbie Gorr uncovers a naming tradition for females carrying their mother's first name, with the addition of "Ann" as middle name.  (For males, the equivalent would be "junior.")  David Norris looks at the role of the radio (or wireless) in family life, and Sue Lisk looks at gardening, which might turn up in family letters or an agricultural census.  Articles treat veteran's stories from both World Wars.  Lisa Alzo urges us to have a plan for the disposition of our genealogical treasures to future generations.

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