Sunday, March 5, 2017

Received at the Library

New records are being added to genealogy databases on a continuous basis.  The cover story for Internet genealogy (Dec./Jan. 2017) highlights the release last September of 2.5 million images (of more than 12,5 million individual records) of Irish birth, death and marriage records, freely accessible at   Of particular Cape Cod interest is an article on shellfish and fishery licenses.  There's an interview with the founder of Cyndi's list, which now boasts over 33,000 links. Other highlights:
  • Twile, a new online tool for timelines
  • genealogyDOTcoach, a new way of hiring professional help
  • pre-1870 African-American research tools
  • uncommon sources
  • Picture Keeper Connect, a specialized flash drive for managing images
Images are not always a good substitute for viewing the original records, is the lesson from a tale of mislabelled microfilm of burial records from Kentucky, in the latest NGS magazine (Oct.-Dec. 2016). In "Mapping personal spaces", Stefani Evans gives examples of how important drawings can be to understanding neighborhoods and memories of homes and other special places.  Another article showcases how a "non-paternity event" (a break in the male surname line) can lead to surprising results from DNA testing.  Think you might have a female pirate in your lineage?  Diane Gravel gives examples and suggests ways of researching them.  Cluster research (also known as the FAN Principle, investigating Family, Associates and Neighbors) is explicated with a case study.  Lastly, if you are a Pokemon Go fan, read how it could change genealogy.

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