Thursday, December 29, 2016

Received at the Library

The load article in Your genealogy today for Nov./Dec. 2016 concerns genealogical tourism and the importance of advance preparation to make the most of your trip to the ancestral homeland,  In "Our Aviation Ancestors" we learn about both military and civilian records for pilots and support personnel.  Obscure sources for Civil War research are reviewed, and a moving story about World War II research takes the author to the Luxembourg cemetery.  Other topics covered: usefulness of timelines, Jewish archival collections in North America, and following genealogical clues in postcards.

The Oct. 2016 issue of Mass-Pocha reports on presentations on Getting the most from, and on (organizing) Family reunions.

The National Genealogical Society Quarterly (Sept. 2016) deals with tricky genealogical mysteries: identifying a birth family in frontier days, three candidates for a wife in 19th century New York State, and resolving the question of a birth name in the early 20th century.  All these cases make use of indirect evidence in puzzling out solutions to genealogical mysteries.  Completing the issue is a more philosophical treatise on the nature of genealogical identity.and what is required to prove it.

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