Thursday, May 19, 2016

Received at the Library

NGS magazine (April-June 2016) announces two new online courses from the National Genealogical Society: Researching your World War II ancestors, and Genetic genealogy.  "Disputes and unhappy differences" explores the valuable information that can be found in land records (deeds).  Those with early California ancestors may wish to read about "California historic missions and their records," which were extensive and not limited to Catholic settlers according to the author.   Using vignettes to illustrate, J.H. Fonkert points out that immigration begins with an emigration, and that records both in the home country and the destination can illuminate the reasons behind a decision to change residency.  An article about timelines discusses formats, and the usefulness of this simple tool in revealing gaps, errors, new questions and more.  Lifestreaming is a new term to me, meaning digital diary-keeping; a column discusses tools and tips.  Other articles deal with: Civil War pension files, genetic genealogy matches, verifying family lore, and a history of Cyndi's list by Cyndi Ingle herself, to mark the list's twentieth anniversary.

German Interest Group members will be interested in an article in Your Genealogy Today ((May/June 2016) giving three sites that can yield surname maps within Germany (my own surname ranks 106,824, but got results!). Stuart Doyle suggests that knowing who the census enumerators were can give you a feel for the accuracy of their work.  Surname prefixes (de, fitz, mac, etc.) are explained by David Norris.  Other topics include: solving mysteries in cemeteries, homesteaders, older processes used for document reproduction, DNA test results, and genealogy trips.

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