Saturday, March 19, 2016

Received at the Library

The headline article in Internet Genealogy  (Feb./Mar. 2016), "Moving West," provides a look at 6 types of online resources for researching your pioneer ancestors, giving numerous examples plus a suggested reading list.  "State House fires and your genealogy research" is an interesting look at what records have been lost to calamities, including looting during the Civil War.  Other articles cover: a massive collection of Swedish church records available on; Brooklyn NY phone and city directories; online resources for the War of 1812; and GEDitCOM II for Macs.

Your Genealogy Today (Jan./Feb. 2016) leads off with a thorough look at Irish land records.  When we are lucky enough to find an original source document concerning our ancestors, careful analysis can provide rich rewards, as described in "7 essential analysis strategies."  The series on WWII records continues with looking at the Marine Corps.  Other topics: care of old letters, what is a haplogroup,  tips for writing that family history, coffee in family records, and British birth and baptism records.  The final article has over a dozen pictures of unusual tombstones.

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