Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Cape Cod Genealogy will be sponsoring a series of presentations to introduce new and older technologies that can help you with your research. We are calling this Exploring Technology. Some subjects that will be covered include organizing your research, software for genealogy, and using computer technology to enhance your research.

The first sessions will be An Introduction to Evernote.  Evernote is a program that can help you organize your research, It allows you to take notes, capture articles, or portions of articles, from the internet and save them to your computer, and then archives them so that you can find them again. It is a "cross-platform" application, which means that what you save on your computer, can be retrieved on your mobile devices, and vice versa.
The first sessions of An Introduction to Evernote is currently scheduled for Tuesday, March 29, at 10:30 AM, and Friday, April 1, at 1 PM, in the Meeting Room, downstairs in the Brewster Ladies Library. These sessions will explain how to download the app, on both your computer and your mobile devices, and how to clip content from the internet. Both of these sessions will be identical and we will be limiting the attendance at each so that you may have an opportunity for hands-on experience. With that in mind, bring along your laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so that you will be able to download Evernote and have any questions answered. Later Evernote sessions will explore, in more depth, the many uses of this wonderful App.

You must pre-register for this program, as we will be limiting enrollment so that you can get some individual attention, if you need it. If two sessions are not enough for the amount of interest in this program, we will schedule more. To pre-register, send an email to joan.frederici@capecodgenealogy.org.

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  1. This is very exciting that CCGS has taken on the role of training in technologies for Genealogy! I applaud your efforts and I hope many members take advantage of this opportunity!