Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A New Innovation for the March Monthly Meeting

The Cape Cod Genealogical Society will be trying something new and exciting at our March 15, 2016 monthly meeting.  As technology changes and innovates, your society is evolving as well in order to stay relevant in today’s digital age.  As an experiment, this month’s speaker, Maureen Taylor, will be “present” electronically rather than in person.

Last summer Maureen was lined up to be our March speaker, but now she is unable to attend in person.  Nevertheless, she has graciously agreed to deliver her presentation electronically using Skype, a medium that uses the internet.  This will be a first for the Society as a whole.  The German SIG used Skype with a speaker some time ago, and it was a great success.  At the March meeting we in the audience will be able to see Maureen on the big screen, and she will see us.  We will be able to field questions to her the same as we would if she were in the room.


Eight Steps to Preserving Your Family Photographs by “The Photo Detective” Maureen Taylor

Most of us have old photos and are always looking for ways to preserve, store, and arrange them in a way that will be cost effective.  Maureen will talk about photo preservation basics, from storage to labeling, and everything in between.  Each step includes low-cost solutions that won’t break your budget.

You won’t want to miss Maureen’s presentation to learn about preserving your treasured family photos.  In addition, you will be taking part in an innovative experiment for the Society.  We want to know how you feel about using Skype for future presentations for nationally known speakers who can’t attend in person.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 10:00 AM at Brewster Ladies Library, Rt 6A, Brewster, MA.  Come a little early for coffee, donuts & conversation.

TAKE NOTE:  The Library asks that you go to the side door of the library (the auditorium door). Do not try to go through the library's main entrance door, as it is usually locked until 10AM.  Also, please park next door at the Brewster Baptist Church parking lot in back of the church.  There is a short path to the library.

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