Saturday, February 20, 2016

Received at the Library

The lead article in Family Tree magazine for Nov./Dec. 2015, "Solve family puzzles with DNA," relates to our just past monthly meeting topic.  Judging from the attendance, this is of great popular interest!  This article's emphasis is on approaches to working with the DNA match list resulting from autosomal DNA.  Kerry Scott discusses using Evernote for genealogy, and Amanda Epperson gives extensive information about marriage records.  In "Analyze this!" Michael Tait walks us through ways of reconciling conflicting data found in records.  An extensive article on Welsh genealogy sources points out that Welsh surnames are limited being historically derived from the father's first name, making research that much more complex.  Other topics treated briefly include: Elephind, Reunion 11, the history of softdrinks, and preservation of family linens.

The Idaho Genealogical Society's Quarterly newsletter for winter 2015 has a couple of articles with tips on cemetery research, including picture-taking.

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