Thursday, November 19, 2015

Members' Annual Holiday Celebration - Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Members will show us how they have shared their family stories, memorabilia and artifacts with their families.  It may inspire you to find a way to create and share your own stories and artifacts. From a Christmas Past slide show to a treasured heirloom found online to a funny Gold Rush letter, you will find our program interesting, entertaining and inspiring.

The meeting starts a 10:00AM at the Brewster Ladies Library, Route 6A, Brewster. Please come earlier to socialize and partake of the coffee and homemade holiday goodies prepared by some of our members.

If you can bake some holiday cookies, cakes, or quickbreads to bring to the meeting, please let Sue Benoit know at If you have old Christmas photos for the Christmas slide show, please email them to


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  2. It is so great! I'll take the chance for next holidays. Thanks.