Thursday, September 10, 2015

Received at the Library

These journal issues have recently been added to the Genealogy Room:

Internet Genealogy (Aug/Sept.2015) covers a diverse range of topics, leading off with an article highlighting state archives' online resources.  Next we learn that although most WWII records are offline, many military units have reunion groups that often have websites, and possess both on- and off-line records.  In the late 1930s some 50,000 Irish schoolchildren collected local stories, which are now being digitized and are freely available at under "Schools' Collection," arranged by county.  There are articles covering a Korean War project, a family black sheep in Australia, and the story behind a gravestone in Dubuque.  Historical societies are an often untapped resource for genealogists.  States with important Revolutionary War resources are highlighted.  The important points about backups to safeguard your research are outlined.

Family tree magazine for Sept/ 2015 has an interesting one-page listing of the biggest things in genealogy.  I'm tempted to make you guess, but here are the answers:

  • family tree                               Confucius (551-479BC)
  • genealogy library                    Family History Library, Salt Lake City UT
  • family tree database      
  • US heritage group                   German
  • US genealogical society          NEHGS
  • genealogy conference             RootsTech
  • genetic genealogy database    23andMe
The featured article gives brief descriptions of the 101 best genealogy sites (the 16th time for this annual feature).  Helpful tutorials cover French family research, naturalization records, and optimizing searches on  Maureen Taylor lays out the options for publishing your family history book.  A panel of experts responds to questions about how to list some of the modern complications of today's families in family trees (step-families, same-sex marriages, etc.)  There are lots more short articles in this informative issue.

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