Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Received at the Library

Family Tree Magazine for Jul/Aug 2015 contains several useful items.   Have you gotten your autosomal DNA analyzed and been baffled by the results?  "Lost in the shuffle" will help to decipher the information, contrasting the results from different companies and explaining the science behind unexpected outcomes.  The 12 best sites for Irish genealogical research are identified in "Irish sites are smiling." "Hot D.A.M." describes how a digital asset management system can help you organize and control your photographs and other images.  "Genealogy myth busters" treats common misconceptions about our ancestors' height and weight, life expectancy, literacy and more,  The top ten living history sites in the US are named in "Living in the past" (one is our nearby Plimoth Plantation.)  An interesting column "Let's get physical!" details the origins of physical fitness movements in history and the modern period.  Other columns cover: picture postcards, draft records (includes a worksheet), how to overlay maps on Google Earth, and family storytelling websites.  This issue shows how diverse and exciting genealogy is for today's researcher,  So many cool things to do, so little time!

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