Friday, June 12, 2015

Received at the Library

The June/July 2015 issue of Internet Genealogy has several articles focusing on military records: the poignant story of a Civil War Colonel; the Confederacy's "Treasury girls," clerks employed to sign Treasury notes while males were in the service; and World War II online resources.  A fervent plea from a researcher provides the lead story, "How do you put out a genealogical wildfire?"  Years ago Robbie Gorr published a speculative article in an obscure newsletter about the maiden name of a female ancestor, and now he finds that it is being accepted as fact -- genealogists need to cite their sources!!  Those interested in providing illustrations for genealogy or history related presentations should be aware of the Internet Archive Picture Collection provided at Flickr Commons.  "Bagging a live one" describes the process of tracing your ancestors forward to identify living relatives.  Other articles cover: webhosting basics; genealogy apps for iPhone or Android; online safety; and Family Tree Builder for Mac.

The Essex Genealogist does a nice job of publishing the transcripts of talks that are given for their society members.  The May 2015 issue carries one of these, "Locating historic newspapers and maps" by  Sharon Sergeant.  The issue also carries an interesting article about a Boston ship wrecked off  the Oregon coast in 1850.

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