Friday, March 27, 2015

Received at the Library

Do you need some inspiration to rev up your research?  Family tree magazine (Jan./Feb. 2015) offers 101 top tips from 15 years of publishing in "Best of the Best."  These tips are arranged in categories:

  • beating brick walls
  • uncovering American ancestors
  • finding Canadian kin
  • solving immigration puzzles
  • tracing British Isles branches
  • discovering Eastern European and Jewish ancestors
  • researching Western European roots
  • getting genetic clues
  • investigating military mysteries
  • discovering American Indian heritage
  • organizing your search
  • finding clues in old photographs
  • preserving family memories
  • researching at repositories
  • tracking sources and resources

"Heirloom wisdom" offers practical suggestions on taking care of your family artifacts.  An 8-page article on obituaries includes a worksheet, lists websites, and covers types of remembrances, the history of obituaries, how to find them, and a discussion of the content.  "Invisible ancestors" suggests ideas for tracing slave ancestors in your tree.  Other articles treat online court records, preserving watches and clocks, and more.

The lead story in Internet genealogy (Feb./Mar. 2015) gives 5 suggestions of "Hidden immigration resources."  A new type of family tree called Treelines is reviewed -- in addition to traditional info, you can add photos, memories, historical context.  Are you a clutterbug, even digitally?  Check out "Reduce your digital clutter."  Other articles cover: yesterday's weather; using iBooks to author family history publications; top 50 online sites for 2015; black sheep in the UK; online photo fixing services; and Ancestry's Associated Press collection.

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