Saturday, March 21, 2015

Received at the Library

Anyone with Danish heritage will be pleased to hear that MyHeritage will be digitizing millions of records from the Danish National Archives.  For those with British heritage,  over 41 million wills from England and Wales are now online at  These news items are found in NGS Magazine (Jan.-Mar. 2015).  A 2-part article on "Educational opportunities in Genealogy" continues with a description of various forms of online education and collaboration.  Get the most out of FamilySearch with 15 tips for productive searching.  A case study of a shootout in Virginia in 1929 shows how to research life-changing events in newspapers and court records.  Other articles describe researching Civil War court-martial records, locating free African-Americans, the role of the book mark in military service records, and the practice of name changing (contrary to popular myth, it didn't usually happen at Ellis Island).  Lastly, the process of logging and analyzing autosomal DNA matches is described..

The Essex Genealogist (Feb. 2015) has transcriptions of presentations on "Adding DNA to your entire family tree," and on "Using Zotero... for electronic research logs."

Mass-Pocha (Feb. 2015) summarizes presentations on:

  • Wandering Jews: Peddlers and the discovery of new worlds
  • DNA Haplogroups
  • Finding your ancestors in Polish records
  • Resources in Ukrainian Archives for Jewish Genealogical Research

There are also articles about cemeteries in Vienna, and Chelsea MA.

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