Thursday, January 22, 2015

Received at the Library

Lisa Alzo describes her pilgrimages to Slovakia, and makes suggestions for planning your own "immersion genealogy" travel experience, in the latest issue of Family Chronicle (Nov./Dec. 2014).  There's a complementary article on traveling to Belarus.  Newspaper research is highlighted in the remarkable story of a man scalded in a railroad accident in 1908 in California, who received skin grafts from over 200 friends and relations.  (He married and lived into his late 40s.)  World War I is featured in two articles, both involving letters and other artifacts.  Other subjects covered are vintage home movies, "Ten hidden sources you might be missing", and posters as a means of sharing genealogical information.

Two feature articles in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly (December 2014) deal with solving mysteries: teasing out which is the ancestor among identical names in Greenwich CT, and investigating the origins of a New Hampshire individual not listed in any primary sources.  A third article comprehensively covers the abundant genealogical resources found in Iowa.  In addition to the location and characteristics of the various repositories for documents by type, it details special topics like ethnic records, transportation and women of Iowa.

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