Saturday, December 6, 2014

Received at the Library

Members may wish to view the latest magazine receipts at the Genealogy Room:

In May the National Genealogical Society will hold a conference "Crossroads of America" in St. Charles, Missouri.  The lead article in NGS Magazine for Oct.-Dec. 2014 discusses nearby archives and other research facilities that could be visited en route.  "The sociology of cemeteries" discusses several factors affecting where people were buried, including family relationships, religion, military service, and occupation, and has a nice bibliography.  The article "Inside emigrant guides" has given me clues about why my German emigrant great-grandfather might have chosen Nebraska soon after arriving in 1868.  "Educational opportunities in genealogy, part 1" deals with non-digital options for keeping skills current: books, magazines, conferences, institutes, continuing education, and TV shows -- so much to learn, so little time!  Lisa Alzo reviews online applications to help with writing tasks (note-taking, outlining, organization and planning, etc.)  A column on genetic genealogy addresses how to share information with your DNA matches.

Irish researchers may wish to review the lead article in Internet genealogy for Dec./Jan. 2015, on Irish petty session court registers.  Scanning applications for smartphones are reviewed.  Other topics covered: online libraries; genealogy blogging (LisaAlzo again); sports databases; apps for photo-editing; Fold-3's honor wall for US veterans; jumpstarts for weary genealogists; and 6 tips for staying focussed with your online research.  There's also a positive review of the latest version of Gramps, a free open-source genealogy software program.

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