Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Received at the Library

Members may find the following journal issues of interest:

The Idaho Genealogical Society Quarterly (fall 2014) contains an absorbing account of the settling of Franklin, Idaho, including many interactions and clashes with Indians living in the area.  There is also a lovely account of growing up on an Idaho ranch in the early 20th century, by the youngest child of ten born to a German-American couple.  The summer 2014 issue offers reminiscences of the current chief of the Delawares of Idaho, one of the branches of the Lenape tribe that were the original inhabitants of Manhattan Island and much of New England, but were displaced by Europeans and driven westward across the United States.

The lead article in Family chronicle (Sept./Oct. 2014) is about an American's successful search to confirm family lore that his grandfather was killed in World War I.  Not only was the story confirmed, but the grave was located in France and his grandmother's identity revealed.  Another article follows a Guatemalan in her search to connect with her Irish roots, which also led to Spain.  A series on creative genealogy-related family games continues with ideas like "Pin the job on the ancestor."  An article called "Making connections in 5 steps" gives a systematic approach for filling out the context of your ancestors' lives.  Other topics covered are signatures on documents, British records on Canadians, and preservation practices for the home archivist.  Lastly, there's a great list of 26 words only a genealogist could love, such as silligraphy (the study of seals) and griffonage (bad handwriting)!

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