Friday, November 14, 2014

Received at the Library

The following journal and newsletter articles may be of interest to members:

The Lothropp Family Foundation Newsletter for autumn 2014 contains a nice one-page summary about passenger rail travel to Cape Cod, "The First Train to the Cape."

DNA is becoming a more common research tool for genealogists, and the National Genealogical Society Quarterly (Sept. 2014) reports for the first time deferring acceptance of a paper that in the editors' judgment needed DNA results.  The lead article uses DNA as one tool to establish the likely line of the descendants of slaves in South Carolina.  Other stories involve finding the origins of a man relocating from Kentucky with his sons to join in the California gold rush; and the background of a couple suddenly appearing in Derbyshire, England, proved to have relocated from Lancashire.

The Essex Genealogist (Aug. 2014) has a 15-page transcription of a useful presentation on "Using Word to write your family history."  Another thorough presentation is on descendancy research: "the goal... is to find all the persons descending of [sic] a particular ancestral couple."  Rounding out the issue are an interesting report on the involvement of the Wilson family with the Salem witch trials, and's "Golden Rules of Genealogy."

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