Friday, October 10, 2014

Received at the Library

Members may be interested in these recently received periodicals:

The National Genealogical Society, which publishes NGS Magazine (July-Sept. 2014) has helped to develop the Genealogists' Declaration of Rights, a statement advocating open access to federal, state and local records; they urge that you consider signing the declaration.  This issue announces that Findmypast, the leading British family history company has acquired Mocavo, the fastest growing US genealogy company.  The NGS 2015 annual Family History Conference will be held in St. Charles, Missouri in May.  Several articles in this issue have a military theme: Revolutionary and Civil War pension records; the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies; Border state divided families during the Civil War.  Other topics covered are the difficulties in locating vital records; why social class matters to genealogists; researching "black sheep" ancestors; X-DNA; and planning for access to your digital information for your heirs.

The connecting theme for American Ancestors for summer 2014 is relocation: the New England practice of "warning" strangers to leave town after 2 weeks; New England immigrants who later returned to their home country; and letters of a family which migrated from Massachusetts to Ohio. Other topics include Maine, and Boston's Jewish community.

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