Saturday, October 4, 2014

Received at the Library

Come to the Genealogy Room to browse through our latest periodical receipts.

Family Chronicle bills itself as "the how-to-guide for tracing your ancestors" and invariably has practical, useful information.  In the July-August issue, we get great tips on conducting oral interviews (get a signed release!) and a lovely article about nicknames "So, how did they get Polly from Mary?" (my mother was Mary, called Polly, so I've always wondered, and this article gives an explanation!).  The article featured on the cover describes a son's search for a full picture of his father's military career in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.  High-resolution scanning reveals additional details in photographs ("Time travel without a DeLorean"), and Google Translate reveals content of foreign language records.  Articles on a Russian-Jewish clan, and the feed-sack dress (clothing sewn from food storage bags), round out the issue.

In the National Genealogical Society Quarterly for June 2014 we learn of genealogical mysteries solved by a variety of techniques, including a careful reading of Bishops' transcripts and parish records in East Yorkshire UK; using FAN (friends, associates and neighbors) networks to elucidate a German woman's migration to Pennsylvania; and a family's migration to Ohio from Virginia; and combining with mitochondrial DNA to prove lineage in Georgia and Mississippi.

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