Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Vertical File : featured library resource for Sept. 2014

Many libraries make use of what we call a "vertical file" for materials that do not lend themselves to living happily on library shelves.  They are typically file folders arranged by subject, and contain clippings, pamphlets, photocopies, magazine articles or issues, and so forth.

The Cape Cod Genealogical Society Library has a vertical file that takes up a large file drawer, and covers lots of interesting subjects.  While it has not been kept current in recent years, there is still a lot of valuable material there.  So to make it more accessible, I am posting a list of the file folders on our blog here.  You can find this list in the right hand column just above the Library Catalog link.

Recently I added an issue of Family Tree Magazine that we otherwise would have discarded under "Census guide (Family Tree, 2010)" because that was the main theme of the issue.

You are hereby invited both to use the vertical file, and to contribute to it if you have printed materials that would relate to genealogy on the Cape or interests of members of the Society.

Carol Magenau, Librarian, CCGS

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