Saturday, May 17, 2014

Received at the Library

Members may be interested in these recently received materials at our Genealogy Room.

Essex Genealogist (February 2014) contains the transcript of a presentation on "Sex, DNA and Family History" given by Shellee Morehead.  She distinguishes between 3 types of testing: Y-DNA, mitochondrial, and autosomal, each used for different purposes.  She includes a short bibliography and list of websites.  Continuing with the connection of genealogy to science, Melinda Lutz Byrne discusses "Medical Genealogy : a New Frontier."  Articles about the surname Pote and the descendants of Joseph Parker are also included.

The National Genealogical Society Quarterly customarily features a cover photo and short biography of an individual under the rubric "Faces of America."  For March 2014 they profile Herbert Adolphus Miller, a Dartmouth graduate who became an academic specializing in race relations and immigration, and was famously dismissed from Ohio State University for speaking at a rally before a nonviolent protest by Mahatma Ghandi in India.  The theme connecting the issue's articles is how disciplined attention to detail can solve genealogical problems.  One researcher reports on the immigration story of President Woodrow Wilson's paternal grandparents.  A research "note" of 24-pages thoroughly explores "Calculating and Using Dates and Date Ranges."

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