Friday, April 4, 2014

Preserving Your Family Treasures

Do you have some precious historical artifacts from your family history? If so, you will want to know that April 27-May 3, 2014 this year is Preservation Week, sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA).  The goal of the week is to help everyone protect photographs, film, artwork, books, and manuscripts from being damaged by temperature, handling, and poor labeling.  Three ways to learn about preservation are available to CCGS members:
     1.      For resources, go to two helpful websites:
     2.     Sign up for and participate in one or both of the following Webinars scheduled for
Preservation Week, at:
The first Webinar will be Tuesday, April 29, at 2pm, and the second will be Thursday,
May 1, at 2pm. You can participate from home at your home computer for both of these.

3   3.  Come to the regular Wednesday, April 16, program meeting of Cape Cod Genealogical Society at 10 am, and gather helpful information from a special display in the Brewster Library Auditorium
organized by CCGS member Sue Benoit. She will have an exhibit and explanation of methods for preserving family treasures such as manuscripts and old photographs, including samples of materials that can be purchased for safeguarding those valuables.

In the meantime, plan to dig out and identify those items for preserving for future generations. Questions? Contact Sue Benoit at

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