Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Received at the Library

Members may be interested in the following journal issue recently added to the Genealogy Room:

NGS Magazine for Jan.-March 2014 explores the genesis of genealogical credentialing, which began 50 years ago.  After some notorious instances of genealogical fraud, the American Society of Genealogists (founded 1940) took up the cause of credentialing in 1961, and their first certified genealogist was named in 1965.  The Genealogical Society of Utah took up the cause at the same time, and certified their first individual in 1964. Today there are over 2000 certified male and female genealogists around the globe.
An article on "Using Y-DNA for Genealogy" is one of a series on different types of DNA testing.  Y-DNA is that passed from a father to his biological sons.  A project showing DNA testing in action is described in "Derbyshire Crossroads: A Wilcockson DNA case study."
Other articles cover the Carnegie Medal, which rewarded heroism by ordinary citizens; "Finding a 'missing' passenger list"; "Did your civil war ancestor have an artificial limb?" (p. 41, inexplicably left off the table of contents), and a couple of articles about the new Genealogy Roadshow teleevision program.

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