Monday, February 3, 2014

Conference Sessions to Be Broadcast Online

Later this week, Thursday through Saturday, February 6-8, 2014, the annual RootsTech conference will be held in Salt Lake City. 
What is RootsTech?   RootsTech is an annual conference where people of all ages, from all over the world come together to learn how to discover and share their family stories, through the use of  technology. An important aspect of this conference is that it is geared to all ages, and to all levels and skills of technology use -- That means that there is something for everyone, even if you are not too familiar with technology. Last year, there were close to 7,000 people in attendance at the event, from a total of 25 countries worldwide, which includes 49 states of the US and 6 Canadian provinces. At last count, registration for the conference in 2014 is over 10,000 participants.
Why should I be interested, since I will not be able to attend? In the tradition of their technology subject, a few years ago, the conference added a free online broadcast of a selection of their sessions. Last year, there were over 13,600 viewers and this number is expected to reach more than 20,000 viewers this year.  In 2014, there will be 15 sessions livestreamed over the 3 days of the conference.These sessions will also be taped and available for viewing at later dates throughout the year. Live sessions include a wide range of topics -- including using the Family Search and Ancestry websites, an introduction to DNA, storytelling, photo restoration, and many more. The list of presenters include popular and well known genealogists, including Michael LeClerc, Josh Taylor, and Lisa Alzo (who is scheduled to speak at our June luncheon).
 A list of sessions being broadcast is available at the  Genea-Musings blog. Take a look at what is being offered online and consider taking advantage of this opportunity to learn more about a familiar subject or to explore a topic that is new to you. (Just keep in mind that the times listed are Mountain Standard Time and not Eastern Standard Time!)
To learn more about the RootsTech conference, you can go to their website, About RootsTech


  1. Thanks for reminding us all about this valuable resource in our Library Room! I have some Surnames in this list! I think I need to make a trip to visit!

  2. Sorry...this is good to know, too, but I meant my comment for the next article.