Thursday, January 30, 2014

Received at the Library

Members may find the following periodicals received at the Library of interest:

The Idaho Genealogical Society Quarterly (winter 2013) contains articles on the early days of Boise, the first laws passed in Idaho in 1863-4, the Weiser River Trail (and a companion piece on a modern experience of a wagon train on that trail), and adoption laws in Idaho.  Idaho's historical newspapers are being digitized in a federally subsidized project.

Members of the German SIG will appreciate the lead article in Family Chronicle (Jan/Feb 2014) on "Locating German Parish Records" which are according to the article "hands down, the most important source available for German genealogical research."  Other articles cover interesting family stories, advice on how to frame your questions to professional genealogists or institutions, how to handle funding your family history book, and innovative ideas for conveying genealogy through slide shows.  There's a discussion of old luggage that one might find in the attic and its potential value for genealogists, as well as a review of Family Tree Builder 7.0

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