Friday, December 27, 2013

Received at the Library

Members may wish to look further at these periodicals recently added to the CCGS Library collection:

The Lothropp Family Newsletter for autumn 2013 contains an interesting article on Jane Elizabeth Lathrop Stanford and the university she and her husband founded in honor of their deceased son Leland Stanford Jr.

Have you ever explored the Library of Congress website?  You might be motivated to do so after reading the article by Laura Prescott in Essex Genealogist for Nov. 2013. "Library of Congress : using our nation's library online" is nearly 20 pages transcribing a talk on this topic, including Q&A.  The issue also includes an amusing article about "The unforgettable and eccentric Lord Timothy Dexter of Newburyport."  This man was uneducated but had aspirations.  He was given bad business advice, for example to ship coal to Newcastle, but he prospered time and again (Newcastle was having a miners' strike!).

Mass-Pocha for October 2013 reviews the successful 33d International Conference on Jewish Genealogy held in Boston in August.

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