Tuesday, September 17, 2013

French-Canadian Sources : featured library resource for September 2013

The Canadian Special Interest Group is one of our Society's successful affinity groups for sharing the trials and triumphs of genealogical research.  We hope that they and others will find useful information in our new handbook entitled French-Canadian Sources : a guide for genealogists.  Published by Ancestry Publishing in 2002, the book has 8 co-authors who were members of the publications committee of the French-Canadian/Acadian Genealogists of Wisconsin.

Introductory chapters cover material unique to French Canada, including a brief history of the settlement of the area, and a timeline of events.  In the chapter on French-Canadian naming patterns we learn about the persistent use of the maiden name for married women in official records (useful!), and the unique practice of the "dit name" (alternative surname).  The final introductory chapter covers the feudal system as practiced in New France.

Secondary sources constitute the largest section of  the book, but there are also several chapters on primary sources.  Also covered are specialized areas of research: the Filles du Roi (marriageable women subsidized by Louis XIV to settle in the new world), fur-trading ancestors, military records, and internet genealogy.

Lastly, much helpful information can be found in the Appendices, including maps, vocabularies, census descriptions, and useful addresses.  There is also an index.

This book is now available in the section of the CCGS Library on Handbooks, and we hope you'll come have a look at it.

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