Monday, August 19, 2013

Cape Cod Men in the Civil War Draft: New Book

Through a grant from the Cape Cod Five Foundation, CCGS has published a new book by military historian and Society member Stauffer Miller, entitled "Cape Cod Men in the Civil War".  The book provides a complete listing of all men of draftable age between 1861 and 1863, arranged alphabetically by town names in Barnstable County.  Enumerators went from house to house to register eligible men, from which a draft list for the Union Army was then developed by the federal government. The enumeration list provides not only name, address, and age of each man, but also in the case of some towns each man's occupation and/or physical characteristics because that information was valuable in determining the eventual draft list.  Some drafted men then avoided service by either buying their way out through paying a fee to the government or hiring another man to serve in their stead.  The book is available for purchase at any of the Society's regular monthly meetings for $10 or by mail order in care of  CCGS Shop for $12.


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