Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Successful bake sale!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make our Easter weekend bake sale a success! As you can see, we had fun!

At least sixteen of our members baked delicious goodies, and thanks to them, and other members who made calorie-free contributions, we have raised just over $400.  Contributions are still welcome, and we hope you will scoop up the left-overs which we will have for sale at the upcoming April 17 program meeting.

The raffle was a successful part of our bake sale, thanks to Joan Frederici's contribution of an Easter basket, Bebe Brock's timely gardening basket, and a third basket made up of baked goodies brought for the sale.  The winners of these baskets were Joyce Sullivan (Easter), Kim Ingram (garden), and Sheila Anderson (goodies).  Above are Joyce and her grand-daughter picking up the Easter basket.

Special thanks to those who staffed the sale or helped with setup: Sheila Anderson, Judy Bedijian, Joan Frederici, Ellen Geanacopoulos, Carol Kelley, Judy Needham, and myself (Carol Magenau, above in the rabbit ears...)  A real community effort, which will support our subscription to Ancestry.com.  Thanks again to all who supported the sale!

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