Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Received at the Library

Members may be interested in the latest journal receipts at the Library:

The periodical Internet Genealogy can keep us abreast of new developments.  In the February/March issue we can learn about the Historic New Orleans Collection and other Louisiana resources; a new approach combining genealogy and mapping the Underground Railroad; WWI enemy alien registration records; historic restaurant menu collections online; Australian newspaper sources; and British cemetery records.  Software reviews are a regular feature of this journal, including in this issue a feature article on time management tools.  There's also an alert to register for Legacy Family Tree free webinars at http://tinyurl.com/cssbzgz.

Kinfolk (spring 2013), published by the Rich Family Association, has a brief but interesting account of a visit to Bermuda to revisit sites associated with the wreck of the Sea Venture, which led to Bermuda's being the setting for Shakespeare's The Tempest.  On another page, Lorenzo Dow is revealed as a leading Evangelist of the 19th century, so popular an itinerant preacher that many children were named after him, including Wellfleet's famous banana importer, Lorenzo Dow Baker.  A list of Rich ancestors in the DAR database is given, and of Rich Mayflower connections.

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