Saturday, December 17, 2011

Can you help Index the 1940 Census?

I've just listened to an hour long radio program entitled "Dear Santa: What I Want This Year for My Genealogy Society". It was a brainstorming chat sponsored by the FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies) on how to make our Genealogical Societies more active and satisfying for everyone in the New Year. Just click on the blue link above for lots of good information that makes you think!

In this session, however, they came up with an idea that I thought was great! We all have heard about the 1940 Federal US Census being made available to all of us on April 2, 2012! And many of us can't wait!

But did you know that this Census will not start out with an index? In other words, if you don't know where your ancestors are from, you probably will not find them---at least not quickly!

However, FamilySearch has undertaken the effort to use volunteers to help index the 1940 Census.

That got me thinking: What if 50 or so of our members offered to work on the index for just a couple hours right from home? We could really make a difference for all genealogy researchers! You can get more information on this project by clicking on the FamilySearch 1940 Census Index Volunteer Page link.

Perhaps there are other projects you would like to join with fellow CCGS members in undertaking:
  • How about going to local cemeteries, transcribing headstone information and posting to our Blog?
  • What about transcribing some old Birth, Marriage and Death records from our local communities on the Cape?
Do you have an interest in getting involved? If you had other members to help you, would you like to start a project?  Let us know your thoughts today!

And I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday and a GREAT 2012!

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