Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 2011 Mentoring Sessions

June is our last month for Mentoring until the Fall.  We have two programs for you to enjoy:

Wednesday June 22, 2011
Topic:        Joining a Lineage Society   
Time:         2:00 to 4:00 pm
Place:         Dennis Public Library, Dennisport
Mentor:      David Martin
Have you considered joining a Lineage Society but don't know what the steps are?  Do you think it's too hard?  If you are interested in applying for membership to a lineage society, this session will cover the processes used and the types of careful records that would be required. Be sure to send David an e-mail at for a reservation to this informative session to answer all your questions.

Wednesday June 29 2011
Topic:       Early Records for Barnstable County
Time:       10:00 am to noon
Place:       Dennis Public Library, Dennisport
Mentor:     Dan McConnell
If your ancestors arrived early in Massachusetts, be sure to attend this sessions to learn how to access the records that are available for you.  Contact Dan at for a reservation.

We need your help!  If we are to continue this program, we need to have more members willing to host a Mentoring Session.  If you are unsure, why not contact a member who has actually been a Mentor?  Perhaps they can help you realize just how easy it really is.  Try David Martin, Dan McConnell, Nancy Daniels, Jim Gould, Bill Harding, Betsy Ferris etc.  Contact me at any time at with the topic of your choice. 

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