Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cape Cod Genealogical Journal set for Publication

The new Journal of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society makes its debut in early June, 2011. This twice-yearly publication contains a variety of articles and features related to both general genealogical methods and specific Cape Cod and Islands genealogical and historical topics.
The purpose of the Journal is to provide a somewhat scholarly and serious treatment of genealogical topics in a form that will appeal not only to Cape Codders but also to those who live off-Cape and have an interest in, or roots going back to, Cape Cod and the Islands.

Topics include: Cape historical narratives, features on past national events having an impact on the growing population of the Cape (e.g., epidemics), transcriptions of original documents, edited version of diaries and journals kept by Cape Codders from the past, and narratives about challenging genealogical investigations which may illuminate for others how to conduct their own searches.
To pique your interest, below is a sampling of the Contents from this premier edition. The Journal will appear twice per year.
                          Volume I, Number 1, June 2011
  • Immigration in American Genealogy
  • Starting Irish Genealogy
  • Genealogical Resources of Barnstable County
  • Smashing Stereotypes: The Case of Sidney Brooks
  • The Value of Probate
  • Indian Census of 1861
  • The Universalists of Provincetown
  • Don’t Call Your Cousins – Let Them Call You
  • Life Glimpses and Writings of Geneva Agnes Nickerson Eldredge
  • The Congregational Church: Its Origins in England
  • The Seabury's: 19th Century Tuberculosis on Cape Cod 
  • Nickerson Homesteads 
The Journal of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society (ISSN 2160-9284) is published semi-annually by the Society, and is received by all members of the Society. 

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