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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New on Ancestry

Since December has added several new resources on New Zealand, along with a smattering of Australian (especially New South Wales), German, and Italian records.  A new British database is Burke’s Family Records, covering the “junior” nobility.   Also new is the Dictionary of National Biography, a biographical dictionary of prominent British and Irish figures from the earliest of times up to 1900.

For the United States a significant new project enhancing Colonial census records appears for the first time, so far covering selected states: U.S. Colonial Census Reconstruction Records, 1660-1820There are also a number of new databases on slaves and African-Americans: slave ads, interviews, manifests, emancipation records and more.  There’s also a resource covering indentures (apprenticeships) in Washington DC,  1801-1811.   A few titles cover Jewish populations (colonial America, World Wars I & II).   Foreign arrivals for Miami and Honolulu are new.  There are new military records for specific locales in Massachusetts (North Brookfield), Maine, and North Carolina.  U.S. Consular Reports of Marriages [abroad], 1910-49 may prove useful to some.

A substantial addition to the atlas collection includes over 50 digitized titles covering the 19th and early 20th century, U.S. and World Atlases, 1822-1923.

In general this period has fewer new databases added and a larger proportion of updates (for both broad and narrow resources) since I’ve begun reporting on this.

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