Friday, January 7, 2011

BPL Microtext Department Closing Imminent

Researchers planning to visit the Microtext Department of the Boston Public Library had better move their plans up quickly - in fact, to within the next several weeks.

According to an article this week in the Boston Globe, the BPL is closing its Microtext Department in the coming weeks so the space can be converted to an exhibit hall housing the library’s Norman B. Leventhal Map Collection.

According to the Globe:
In a few weeks ... the machines will be gone, a nearby reference desk removed, and the room on track for a $1.8 million makeover. Next fall, if all goes as planned, the space will reopen as the new repository and exhibit hall for the library’s Norman B. Leventhal Map Collection, one of the country’s foremost cartographic resources. Many of the collection’s most valuable maps, atlases, and other materials will come out of storage and into fuller public view.
A call to the Microtext staff confirmed the news. The Department eventually will find a home on the second floor of the Johnson Building. No time frame could be given for when the Department would be ready again to accommodate researchers.

Those wishing to visit the Microtext Department should call (617) 859-2018 for the latest status.

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