Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Previous Bulletins Available

The Cape Cod Genealogical Society BULLETIN's final issue appears in December 2010, and then a brand new JOURNAL of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society will first appear in June 2011.  Copies of nearly all past issues of the BULLETIN are available, since its inception in the mid-1970's.  Available past copies are to be ready for purchase for $1 each at the Program Meetings of January through May 2011.  If you need to fill in a missing issue or two, or are just interested in the content of a particular issue after you peruse the table of contents, you will want to take advantage of this one-time opportunity.  After that time, all except one file copy of these past Bulletins will be sent to a recycling center; then, past issues will be available only through the available CD of past issues. Do stop by the registration table and take a look!

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