Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Journey Takers by Leslie Huber - A Review

[Review submitted by CCGS Librarian Betsy Ferris]

Immediately after listening to our wonderful speaker, Leslie Albrecht Huber, at the September 2010 meeting of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society, library volunteers Brenda Hayes and Betsy Ferris scrambled to purchase Leslie’s latest volume for the CCGS Library.  Her new book, The Journey Takers, is a story of her family, and even more a book about how to research and tell a family story, using many types of sources and resources, documenting information properly, and making the narrative as flowing and readable as a novel.

In this fascinating little tale are tips and inspiration for genealogist readers who travel vicariously with the author, chapter by chapter from Germany to Sweden, to England and back to Utah. The Journey Takers is listed in the Biography section of the CCGS Catalog of books under 92 ALBRECHT, Albrecht being the first family surname investigated along this literary journey. It is a wonderful read with extensive notes and bibliography.

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  1. Leslie Huber’s The Journey Takers is a masterful example of her topic Uncovering Your Ancestors' Stories, delivered at the CCGS September 2010 meeting. All the techniques she outlined are expertly and seamlessly employed in this fascinating story. If you enjoyed listening to the excerpts during her presentation, you’ll especially enjoy reading the complete book.

    Her narrative also serves as a worthy model for family historians who intend to flesh out their research data with details of their ancestors’ daily lives and the historical context in which they lived.

    Best of all, it’s a compelling read. Even if your lines and places are different from hers, expect to be inspired as you accompany her on her journey through the records, the places, and the personal frustrations and rewards of genealogical research.

    Get the book - I just ordered mine - and bring The Journey Takers with you on your own journey researching and writing your family’s past.