Monday, March 22, 2010

New Journal for the Society

An exciting development is under way--the Cape Cod Genealogical Society Bulletin, which has been in continuous publication since 1971, will be replaced in 2011 by the Journal of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society. The Bulletin has had an excellent history as a publication, and among other honors was several years ago voted the national winner of the annual genealogical publication contest through the National Genealogical Society.

Now that the Society has an active Blogsite which contains timely announcements of events and reports of recent events, the news aspect of the Society is electronically covered promptly. For those who do not use computers, announcements will still be made at Program meetings and in newspapers, and reports on events will also be made in the minutes of CCGS Board meetings and at Program meetings.

The new Journal will feature some of the same types of information that the Bulletin has contained, but also some newer features. Included will be articles on:
  • Genealogical Methods         
  • Genealogical Narratives 
  • Historical Contexts  
  • Transcriptions of Original Records, focussed on Cape Cod  
  • Calendar of Program Presentations
  • Surname Research
and more. The Journal will appear twice per year, in July and December, and will be basically a research-based publication.

After the publication of the final issue of the Bulletin in December 2010, an expanded version of the searchable Bulletin CD will be produced, which will include a complete "run" of all issues of the Bulletin throughout its lifetime. The expanded CD will be available for sale in 2011, and a supplement containing the issues of 2009 and 2010 will be available for a nominal fee to anyone who has already purchased the original CD that covers issues through 2008.

The Bulletin Committee, to be now known as the Publications Committee, will continue to take responsibility for developing issues of the Journal as well as coordinate activities related to the Blog site.

Separately, a Writing Contest is being sponsored by the Society to encourage members and non-members to write research-based articles for publication in the Journal. A separate announcement of the guidelines for the Contest and prizes, with its deadline for first submissions in August 2010, is found elsewhere on the Blog.

Anyone with suggestions or questions is encouraged to contact the Publications Committee; chair for the August issue of the Bulletin is David Martin, who can be contacted at