Sunday, March 28, 2010

CCGSers Attend 2010 New England Family History Conference

Ten Society members attended the Family History Conference in Franklin, Mass., on Saturday, March 27.  Such genealogy "stars" as Leslie Huber, Tom Kemp, Marian Pierre-Louis and Marilyn Markam presented programs as varied as "Erin in the USA", "Eight Ways to Cross the Ocean", "Deeds and Probate", and "Genealogy in Your Pajamas".  The conference was free, the lunch was $8 (and delicious),  and the syllabus was available free on line.   Quite a bargain!  Since the conference is annual, look for it next March and sign up.


  1. This was my third consecutive year attending the Family History Conference in Franklin, MA. Once again the members of the LDS Church provided a broad variety of knowledgeable speakers, excellent organization and wonderful hospitality.

    This year I concentrated on preservation - how succeeding generations will be able to find and use our work. In the morning I took in Tom Kemp from GenealogyBank, who suggested that even CDs are soon going out of date and that the Internet may be the best place where future researchers will find us. Tom encourages family historians to post their information on a number of sites such as blogs, family web sites, even FaceBook. Tom especially likes publishing his ancestors' stories in book form on ScribD, so that he and those of succeeding generations can continually update what he's started.

    In the afternoon I enjoyed two charming presentations by Michelina Hall on how to use scrapbooking tools on the Internet to create vivid and fun family albums, games, and lasting mementos. Michelina's approach is to get kids interested in family history so that when they get older, they will naturally want to preserve what they've been learning all their lives. A consultant for Heritage Makers, Michelina demonstrated examples of printed and magnetic family trees, family history albums, ancestor-themed calendars and posters. She's even worked up an ancestral Monopoly game featuring the homes her kids' ancestors lived in. In addition to preserving the family heritage, she's also developing the family's future historians. Visit Michelina at, and you'll want to go round up some kids!

    I would encourage everyone to consider attending next year's conference. It's free and programs are varied enough to cover enough topics to fill the whole day. For those new to genealogy, this is a no-pressure way to get caught up quickly with current trends and techniques.

    See you there for sure!

  2. Ellen GeanacopoulosMarch 30, 2010 at 7:18 PM

    The Family History conference this year, as it has been in the past, was a well organized and well attended event.

    My favorite was Leslie Huber's Eight Ways to Cross the Ocean. Interesting, informative and lively, presented with humor and helping us to discover where our ancestors came from and how they got here.