Friday, February 5, 2010

New Treasurer Needed

As of June 2010, Nancy Daniels, our most able Treasurer for several years, will step down from the position.  She has performed outstanding work in keeping us fiscally responsible and responsive.

Now it is time for us to nominate a new Treasurer, to take office in June. The responsibilities are not difficult, and involve the following:

Daily and weekly:
  • Accept and enter monies into QuickBooks as they come in
  • Deposit funds to the bank
  • Write & send out checks for all bills & reimbursements that need to be paid
  • Provide reports to the Board of Directors to help them understand the financial picture of the Organization on a regular basis (ex. Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Report)
  • File Annual Sales Report
  • File Annual Report of the CCGS Organization
  • File Form 990 EZ
  • File Form PC
Nancy is most willing to answer any questions from those who might have some interest in this position. She will also meet with the new Treasurer to show her/him "the ropes" and make a smooth transition. You can email her at

Please consider this role, which also entitles you to be a member of the Board of Directors. To suggest others to the Nominating Committee, please contact Barbara Lewis at

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