Friday, January 15, 2010

Surnames listings return online

Members can once again share their surnames on the Internet as part of the CCGS Web site. Surnames coordinator Nancy Daniels introduced the new site to the membership at the January 2009 monthly meeting.

In addition to the typical listings of surnames in alphabetical order, visitors can now search the site directly to see if the name they're seeking is on the list.  And by sorting on the Submitter column, visitors can see the other families a member may be researching and find a possible new connection to their own line.

Nancy encouraged members to submit their surnames for listing on the site by sending an email to her at Include SURNAME, First name, location they were living, dates they were living, and your full name and current e-mail address for researchers to locate you.

People can access the new Surnames site directly at or by a link on the CCGS main site at