Monday, September 14, 2009

Bulletin seeks Census Articles for 2010

2010 US Census Logo2010 is the year of the Federal Census, and the Bulletin Committee is making the census a theme for all three editions of the Bulletin during 2010. We are interested in publishing articles on any aspect of the census — local, state, federal, and other — in terms of their basic information and how they may be useful for genealogists.

Some topic examples:
  • Personal experiences working for the US Census in the past, or even this year.
  • Census curiosities you've encountered in your research - ex. your grandparents appear in the census for the same town in the same year at two different addresses.
  • How census records helped you solve a research problem or triggered you on to something unexpected or got you through a brick wall.
  • In-depth or background article on some aspect of the census.
  • How you have been able to use non-mainstream census records, such as mortality schedules, etc.
  • Review of books you would recommend to others on how to use the census records effectively.
  • On-line sources for census records and information - features and benefits of specific sites and/or how to use them.

To submit your article or to discuss your article idea(s), email David Martin at, or call him at 508-420-0224.

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