Friday, December 4, 2009

New Publicity Team for CCGS

As of December 2009, our Society has a new two-member team for carrying out the all-important publicity of Society events, replacing the excellent work performed for several years by Jack Drake.

Anne Stewart is handling a number of announcements, including publicity in local free magazines and distributed information to all of the Cape libraries. Anne has held a variety of positions in public service of the years, including an interior plant rental and maintenance business. Since moving to the Cape in 1997, she has been involved in remodeling old houses, gardening, and work at two Cape libraries. She lives in Harwich with her husband, Phil Inman, two mini-dachshunds, and a canary.

Ed Barr is handling a variety of regular computer-based announcements about Society events, including the organization and updating of the data base of membership information. Ed has been engaged in human resource management in a variety of businesses in New York and elsewhere; he was most recently Vice-President of Human Resources for Stop & Shop; he founded and was Principal of a management consulting firm until 2001. Ed lives in Orleans.

We welcome Anne and Ed to this important role for the Society!