Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Members tour new Web site

As part of the traditional show-and-tell program at the December 9, 2009 meeting at the Brewster Ladies' Library, Webmaster Chris Geanacopoulos led the audience on a guided tour of the newly designed CCGS Website. "If you haven't been to the site recently, get ready for some big changes," he began.

The first stop on the tour was the Upcoming Events page at the traditional home of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society at www.capecodgensoc.org/. "We wanted people who come to our site to immediately know what we're up to," explained Chris. The Upcoming Events page lists the next 3-5 CCGS activities, and visitors can follow links to other pages to get the details. "Members who come to the site and visitors who see our link in the newspapers or on our printed materials can easily find what's happening next."

Chris then took the audience to the Articles/News/Announcements section of the site and showed how the newest articles always appear at the top and work their way back through time. "At the top of the page, you'll find the freshest information about our activities and about genealogy in general," he said.

"A new feature on our site is a list of links to other genealogy-related Web sites managed by our own CCGS members," announced Chris as he led them to the CCGS Member Sites section in the green sidebar. He added that any CCGS members who have their own sites that deal with some aspect of family history or genealogy are welcome to be included in the listing.

To help visitors find older articles on the site, Chris drew the members' attention to the Topics and Archives sections of the blue sidebar. "Every article has at least one label that's listed under Topics in the sidebar," he explained. Next to each topic there is a number in parentheses to tell you how many articles there are under that topic. "Click on the topic list and you'll see them all, starting with the most recent one."

"You can browse all the articles on the site by their titles in the Archives section," Chris explained while pointing to one of the triangles next to the year and months found under Archives. "The triangles are called 'twisties' and when you click on them, you twist the month open or closed to help make your way among the titles."  He added, "Next to search, this is probably the best way to find what's on our site."

Finally, Chris told the audience how they can have the site's latest articles delivered to them electronically. In the Subscriptions Section of the sidebar visitors can add the site to their feed reader or sign up to have new articles delivered via email. "With a feed reader or email delivery," he said, "it's like having our site delivered to your doorstep."

He concluded by inviting members to join in the fun of contributing articles to the site. "If you can handle a word processor, you're qualified to join us. An itch to write also helps a little, too." Interested members should email Chris at webmaster@capecodgensoc.org. "We need your help to keep the changes going," he said.