Monday, November 30, 2009

Salt Lake City Research Trip is a Success

A team of 7 people made the trek to the Salt Lake City Family History Library during the week of November 15, 2009; the group included Marti Day, Irene Landenberger, Nancy Daniels, David Martin, Peg Spellman, John Spellman, and Ralph Wadleigh who is President of the Falmouth Genealogical Society.

After an orientation to the Library given by the Library staff, members branched out to do their own research for four days. The group had the benefit of two other presentations—one on Hidden Treasures of the Family History Catalog, and the other on Doing Genealogy with Roots Magic.

CCGS Member Priscilla Haines, who is a resident of Salt Lake City, was host for the group for a dinner during one evening of the visit.

Left to right: Ralph Wadleigh (President, Falmouth Genealogical Society), Irene Landenburger, Peg Spellman, John Spellman, Marti Day, and David Martin (missing: Nancy Daniels who was busy already doing research at 8:05AM inside the library!).
The research work has given new impetus to the research being carried out by all of the participants. Part of the regular December 9, 2009 Program Meeting will be devoted to a presentation on new ways to use the Family History Library website, as learned by the group during their week in Salt Lake City.