Monday, November 2, 2009

Bob Carlson featured in Cape Cod Times article

CCGS Member Bob Carlson, known by genealogy researchers for his work in identifying and cataloging the graves and tombstones on Cape Cod, was featured in the "Cape & Islands" section of the November 2, 2009, edition of the Cape Cod Times.

In the article, Bob discusses his work, the sense of history found in graveyards, burial practices, the importance of correct preservation methods, and the symbolism found on early tombstones.

An active member of CCGS, Bob has researched extensively on Cape Cod cemeteries and has authored two useful guides for cemetery research on the Cape, which he has donated to the CCGS Library and which are available in the Library's Archives.
  • Guide to Barnstable Co. Gravestone Surveys for 115 Cape Cod Cemeteries established before 1860.
  • Colonial Gravestones of Barnstable Co.  A typescript collection of 13 articles published in the CCGS Bulletin from 2001 to 2005.
Bob also shares the results of his research with fellow members of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society through presentations at monthly meetings.

Best of all, Bob maintains an excellent and comprehensive Web site on early Cape Cod grave sites at  This must-visit site contains extensive information on gravestones dated up to 1880 from Cape Cod (Barnstable County), Massachusetts. It includes over 135 old burial grounds, 38,000 names, 4,000 photographs, 800 epitaphs and stone carver information.

Read the complete Cape Cod Times article online, and discover Bob's favorite Cape Cod cemeteries and tombstone epitaphs.