Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February, 2015 Meeting Cancelled

Due to the snowy and icy conditions we are encountering this month, it has been decided to cancel the program scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, February 18, at the Brewster Ladies Library.
Although the library and town of Brewster have been diligent about clearing the parking lot, parking lots can become treacherous with the snow and ice. We feel that for your safety, the scheduled program should be postponed to a later date. Arrangements are being made to reschedule our speaker, Michael Brophy -- hopefully in nicer weather!
We regret that we have had to make this last minute change, but the welfare of our members, and guests, are important to us. Hopefully the weather will be improving soon and we will see you next month at our March meeting.

Friday, February 6, 2015

A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering your Female Ancestors : featured library resource for February 2015

Thanks to an anonymous gift we are adding a third "genealogist's guide" by Sharon Carmack to our Library collection. This one, A genealogist's guide to discovering your female ancestors, was published in 1998. Subtitled "special strategies for uncovering hard-to-find information about your female lineage," it could motivate you to extend your search for that elusive woman in your family tree.

The chapters are as follows:

  • Sources created by women
  • Sources created about women
  • Additional sources for ethnic women
  • Methods for determining maiden names and parents
  • Writing about female ancestors
  • Case studies
In addition, there is a glossary (did you know that relict means a widow?), a bibliography, an index, and these appendices, all of which take up about a third of the volume:
  • An overview of women's legal rights in America
  • Matrilineal research and genetics
  • Source checklist for researching female ancestors
The book got mixed reviews from readers, some of whom were incensed by Cormack's use of social history to embroider the facts in her case studies.  But if this is an area that interests you, there is value to be gleaned from her compilation of the many different sources that can be used to track down information about women's lives in America.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Learn About Descendancy Research at our February Meeting

We are all familiar with the traditional methods of learning  about our family history by researching our ancestors.  But, in the words of our next speaker, "Researching the living descendants of your ancestors can give your family history new life and excitement."
In his presentation to us, at our February 18, 2015 meeting, Michael Brophy will discuss the reasons for doing Descendancy Research, as well as give us advice on how to go about it.
Michael Brophy is a nationally known, professional genealogical researcher, heir search specialist, and lecturer, from the Boston area.He has been a board member of  Massachusetts Genealogical Council and treasurer of the New England Association of Professional Genealogists.
Mike earned his MBA from Suffolk University and BBA from UMASS-Amherst. His genealogical education includes seven certificates from the Institute of  Genealogy and Historic Research (IGHR), as well as certificates in Private Investigation and Advanced Forensic Genealogy from Boston University.
He was featured on the Irish TV series, Dead Money, a genealogy television show about heir searches. He was also hired to conduct research for the NBC television program Who Do You Think You Are?, on an episode dedicated to the family history of actress, Gwyneth Paltrow.
He has lectured on a wide variety of topics, including his specialties of New England and Irish research, at National Genealogical Society conferences and will be among the presenters at the New England Genealogical Consortium conference.
This meeting should prove to be a very interesting one. Hope that you will be able to join us on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, at 10 AM, Brewster Ladies Library, on Rte 6A, Brewster. Come early for our "Meet and Greet" with tea, coffee, and donuts.